• Exploration Station
  • Exploration Station
  • Carnegie Science Center will close on Dec. 5 at 5 pm

Exploration Station

Exploration Station Jr.

Exploration Station

NETL Energy Zone

In partnership with the National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • Energy Challenge game: Grab a few friends or family members and step up to this interactive kiosk game show. Two individuals or teams challenge each other for the title of Energy Champion!
  • Laz-R Graph: Make your own laser design!
  • Power House: Flip switches on a miniature house to see how much energy you use – or can save – with various appliances.
  • Circuit Station: Basic electricity for everyone – connect wires to power circuits!
  • Power Station: Turn cranks to generate electricity. How much effort does it take to turn on the light bulb? To make the fan go? Which light bulb takes the most energy?
  • Energy Quiz: Test your knowledge of energy consumption! This exhibit presents visitors with pairs of appliances and asks which of the two uses more energy.
  • Solar Racers: Move cars by pushing buttons to turn on lights that power them.
  • Rebound: Ricochet balls on a tabletop!

Forces of Nature

  • Twister: Watch a tornado in a tube as the winds swirl!
  • Earthquake Café: Sit at the table, select an earthquake, and feel the shake.
  • Aeolian Winds: Turn knobs to control wind direction, and watch how the winds alter land formation.
  • What's Shakin'?: Build with blocks, then push a button to shake the table. Did your structure stay up? Try again! What makes buildings stronger?
  • Pian-O-Scope: Watch the oscilloscope as you play the keyboard.


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