• Kids playing in Exploration Station
  • Boy playing in Exploration Station
  • Closed all day Dec. 25 and Jan. 1.

Exploration Station

Kids playing in Exploration Station Jr
Exploration Station Jr.

Exploration Station

NETL Energy Zone

In partnership with the National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • Energy Challenge game: Grab a few friends or family members and step up to this interactive kiosk game show. Two individuals or teams challenge each other for the title of Energy Champion!
  • Laz-R Graph: Make your own laser design!
  • Power House: Flip switches on a miniature house to see how much energy you use – or can save – with various appliances.
  • Circuit Station: Basic electricity for everyone – connect wires to power circuits!
  • Power Station: Turn cranks to generate electricity. How much effort does it take to turn on the light bulb? To make the fan go? Which light bulb takes the most energy?
  • Energy Quiz: Test your knowledge of energy consumption! This exhibit presents visitors with pairs of appliances and asks which of the two uses more energy.
  • Solar Racers: Move cars by pushing buttons to turn on lights that power them.
  • Rebound: Ricochet balls on a tabletop!

Forces of Nature

  • Twister: Watch a tornado in a tube as the winds swirl!
  • Earthquake Café: Sit at the table, select an earthquake, and feel the shake.
  • Aeolian Winds: Turn knobs to control wind direction, and watch how the winds alter land formation.
  • What's Shakin'?: Build with blocks, then push a button to shake the table. Did your structure stay up? Try again! What makes buildings stronger?
  • Pian-O-Scope: Watch the oscilloscope as you play the keyboard.


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