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21+ Nights
21+ Nights
Almost Overnighters!
Almost Overnighters!
Café Scientifique
Café Scientifique
Fab Lab Workshops
Fab Lab Workshops
Science Workshops
Science Workshops

What’s Happening on Saturday, May. 27, 2017

Schedules are subject to change.

11:00 amOne World, One Sky: Big Bird's AdventureBuhl Planetarium
Tasteful Tidbits: Science of Taste & SmellBodyStage

11:15 amDream BigRangos Omnimax Theater

11:30 amIllumination SensationWorks Theater

12:00 pmCircus in the StarsBuhl Planetarium

12:15 pmExtreme WeatherRangos Omnimax Theater

12:30 pmIt's Alimentary, Watson!BodyStage

1:00 pmHigh VoltageWorks Theater
Stars over PittsburghBuhl Planetarium

1:15 pmDream BigRangos Omnimax Theater

2:00 pmMichael Jackson Laser ShowBuhl Planetarium
Fruit FlambeBodyStage

2:15 pmHubbleRangos Omnimax Theater

2:30 pmOn Fire!Works Theater

3:00 pmAstronautBuhl Planetarium

3:15 pmDream BigRangos Omnimax Theater

3:30 pmScience in a ScoopBodyStage

4:00 pmFreeze!Works Theater
Cosmic CollisionsBuhl Planetarium

4:15 pmExtreme WeatherRangos Omnimax Theater

5:00 pmQueen Laser ShowBuhl Planetarium Laser Show
Tasteful Tidbits: Science of Taste & SmellBodyStage

5:30 pmHigh VoltageWorks Theater

6:00 pmDream BigRangos Omnimax Theater
Infinity ExpressBuhl Planetarium

7:00 pmExtreme WeatherRangos Omnimax Theater
Vision Bell Laser ShowBuhl Planetarium Laser Show

8:00 pmDream BigRangos Omnimax Theater

9:00 pmExtreme WeatherRangos Omnimax Theater

10:00 pmDream BigRangos Omnimax Theater

Exhibit / ExhibitionMiniature Railroad & Village®2nd Floor
BodyWorks3rd Floor
USS RequinUSS Requin Submarine
roboworld®2nd Floor
SpacePlaceAtrium Gallery
BLUE! Exhibit4th Floor
H2Oh!1st Floor

WorkshopFab Lab WorkshopsTimes vary - Pre-registration required

Special Events & Exhibitions

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