• Carnegie Science Center is closed on Oct. 18.

What’s Happening on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015

10:00 amUSS Requin Closed for Restoration
Miniature Railroad Closed for Annual Maintenance2nd Floor

11:00 amOne World, One Sky: Big Bird's AdventureBuhl Planetarium

11:15 amROBOTSRangos Omnimax Theater

12:00 pmCircus in the StarsBuhl Planetarium
It’s Alimentary WatsonBodyStage
High VoltageWorks Theater

12:15 pmAnimalopolisRangos Omnimax Theater

1:00 pmThe Haunting Halloween SkyBuhl Planetarium
Freeze!Works Theater
Science in a ScoopBodyStage

1:15 pmMysteries of the Unseen WorldRangos Omnimax Theater

2:00 pmFamily Halloween Laser ShowBuhl Planetarium
Tasteful Tidbits: Science of Taste & SmellBodyStage
On Fire!Works Theater

2:15 pmYellowstoneRangos Omnimax Theater

3:00 pmThe Haunting Halloween SkyBuhl Planetarium
Say Cheese!BodyStage
Illumination SensationWorks Theater

3:15 pmD-Day: Normandy 1944Rangos Omnimax Theater

4:00 pmA Traveler's Guide to MarsBuhl Planetarium
Freeze!Works Theater
It’s Alimentary WatsonBodyStage

4:15 pmROBOTSRangos Omnimax Theater

5:00 pmMichael Jackson Laser ShowBuhl Planetarium
Fruit FlambeBodyStage

6:00 pmROBOTSRangos Omnimax Theater
The Haunting Halloween SkyBuhl Planetarium

6:30 pmHollywood Animation Science: Frozen!Science Stage

7:00 pmTitans of the Ice AgeRangos Omnimax Theater
The Vision Bell: The Best of Laser FloydBuhl Planetarium

8:00 pmROBOTSRangos Omnimax Theater

9:00 pmD-Day: Normandy 1944Rangos Omnimax Theater
Observatory SkyWatch Saturday EveningsBuhl Observatory
Laser GorillazBuhl Planetarium

10:00 pmROBOTSRangos Omnimax Theater
Lasermau5Buhl Planetarium

11:00 pmHalloScream Laser ShowBuhl Planetarium

12:00 amMidnight Pink Floyd Laser ShowBuhl Planetarium

Exhibit / ExhibitionZap! Surgery3rd Floor
roboworld™2nd Floor
SpacePlaceAtrium Gallery
H2Oh!1st Floor

Special Events & Exhibitions

Miniature Railroad Closed for Annual Maintenance
Reopens on Nov 24, 2015
Check daily schedule for showtimes
The Haunting Halloween Sky
Check the daily schedule

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