• Works Theater panorama
  • Presenter demonstrating science experiments to students
  • Colossal Fossils presentation
  • Closing at 4 pm on Aug. 12 and 18; closed Aug. 20 until 1 pm.

Live Shows

Small kids looking up in Buhl Planetarium

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See science come alive!

Science is always "under construction" in the Works Theater, a live showcase of dazzling demonstrations in a one-of-a-kind industrial setting. Taste a frozen marshmallow, see the glow of molten metal or feel the zap of electricity. Unwrap the chemistry of mummies, or launch a fiery rocket into space.

It's all in the Works!

Please note: Some Works Theater programs may contain water-vapor fog, strobe lighting, and loud sounds.

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NEW! Earth & Friends

Take a journey through the solar system as we learn about Earth and her planet friends! Explore planetary chemistry and learn why Earth is the best place for people. This show is geared especially for young children and their grown-ups.

Sponsored by: Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh; Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh

NEW! The Energy Show!

In this energy-themed show, learn how energy is harnessed to power our civilization. Explore renewable and non-renewable alternatives, while learning about technologies and careers needed to sustain energy consumption. During the show, learn how to identify energy forms and examples of energy.

Powered by National Energy Technology Laboratory

NEW! On Fire

Discover the science behind fire while understanding the powerful combination of heat, oxygen, and fuel. Explosive demonstrations bring to life the science of forest fires, rockets, and fireworks. Do not try this at home!

Program made possible with support from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh and the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh.

Illumination Sensation

Discover the dazzling science of light! This illuminating show features optics, lasers, and things that glow.


See the chilling effects of super-cold liquid nitrogen on balloons, rubber balls, batteries and more, in this ever-popular set of experiments that show what happens when things get really cold. Taste a frozen marshmallow, and watch as air is liquefied before your eyes!

High Voltage

Step right up for a hair-raising and shocking experience on our Van de Graaff generator. This electrifying show features our Tesla coil and its one-million-volt display of light and sound.

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