Carnegie Science Center: Miniature Railroad & Village
  • Crawford Grill in Miniature Railroad and Village
  • Miniatures waiting for the train Miniature Railroad and Village
  • Night street scene Miniature Railroad and Village
  • Miniature people on street Miniature Railroad and Village
  • Crawford Grill Miniature Railroad and Village
  • Closed all day Oct. 23. USS Requin closed all day Oct. 24 and 25.

Miniature Railroad & Village®

Close-up of miniatures

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Take a walking tour of western Pennsylvania at the world-renowned Miniature Railroad & Village®.

This beloved exhibit's story began in 1920 with a man named Charles Bowdish of Brookville, Pa. Originally a holiday display on the second floor of his house, it moved to the Buhl Planetarium in 1954, and ultimately found its final home at Carnegie Science Center in 1992.

The Miniature Railroad & Village® features hundreds of wonderfully realistic animated scenes that illustrate how people lived, worked, and played in our region during an era spanning the 1880s to the late 1930s. A replica of Crawford Grill, the renowned Hill District jazz club from 1937 to 1951 is the latest gem added to this extraordinary display.

More favorites include Fallingwater, Forbes Field, Punxsutawney Phil at Gobbler's Knob, Luna Park, Sharon Steel Mill, Manchester Farms, and a historic Pittsburgh incline, to name a few.

The Miniature Railroad & Village® will be closed for installation of its newest model from Nov. 9 – 16, reopening to the public on Nov. 17.

The The Miniature Railroad & Village® preview for museum members will be held on Nov. 16.

By the Numbers

The Miniature Railroad & Village® features:

  • 105 animations
  • 250,000+trees
  • 14 aircraft
  • 85 automobiles
  • 1 Incline (Monongahela Incline)
  • 60 trucks
  • 22 horse-drawn vehicles
  • 23,000 fans in Forbes Field

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