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Grades 3–12

Celebrate National Chemistry Week with us at ChemFest! Chemistry is not limited to beakers and laboratories; it is all around us! See how chemistry is used in the workplace and in everyday life with hands-on activities supervised by chemists from local businesses and universities. This year’s theme is “Chemistry is Out of This World,” so you’ll also learn about chemistry of and in outer space.

Students will engage in hands-on activities and see dazzling demonstrations, which might include:

  • Making Alka-Rockets with Bayer representatives.
  • Drawing constellations with glow-in-the-dark markers and other activities involving chemiluminescence, photoluminescence, or fluorescence with the Pittsburgh Section of the American Chemical Society.
  • Building molecules using the Happy Atoms kit, scanning their creations with the Happy Atoms app, and learning about their molecules with Carnegie STEM Girls, along with using the app to complete different challenges.
  • Using spectroscopes to see the range of different colors from various light sources, with representatives of Clarion University.
  • Learning about careers by chatting with STEM professionals over a hot drink in the Career Café (Friday only).

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