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Carnegie Science Awards

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Chairman's Award

Identified as the Carnegie Science Awards highest honor, the Chairman's Award is presented to an organization or individual who has made outstanding contributions in science, either through exemplary work in a singular field, or transcendent leadership, commitment, or achievement. The Chairman's Award is conferred in recognition of these achievements, at the behest of Carnegie Science Center's Senior Leadership Team and the Carnegie Science Awards Premier Sponsor, Eaton.

As concurrent leaders of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, respectively, President Jared Cohon and Chancellor Mark Nordenberg forged an unprecedented relationship of mutual respect and collaboration that has helped to open the door to a new era of scientific exploration, entrepreneurial strength, and academic excellence in Pittsburgh. Joint projects including the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, the Quality of Life Technology Center, the Digital Greenhouse, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse, and Robotics Foundry, have helped to reinforce the partnership of these two institutions, as well as provide valuable resources to the region's growth industries through billions of dollars in working capital from research grants and sponsorships, cutting edge research and state-of-the-art facilities, and a pipeline of talented academics and professionals that provide a ready workforce and entrepreneurial base.

In recognition of these contributions, which have helped position Pittsburgh as a hub of innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Carnegie Science Center confers the 2014 Chairman's Award to Dr. Jared L. Cohon and Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg.

Advanced Manufacturing Award
Fred Patterson
Kennametal Inc.

Patterson was instrumental in the launch of NOVO, an on-demand digital system designed to optimize and streamline the manufacturing process for Kennametal's clients. During his 33 years working at Kennametal, Patterson has been extremely influential in the company's technological advancement.
Award presented by Kennametal
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Advanced Materials Award
Jay Whitacre, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University

Jay Whitacre, a Professor at CMU, developed a new battery materials system based on low cost and environmentally benign materials starting in 2008. Aquion Energy was spun out of CMU in 2009 and is now undergoing commercial launch.
Award presented by Kennametal
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Catalyst Award
Richard V. Piacentini
Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Piacentini has led Pittsburgh's historic glasshouse to its greatest innovation yet: The Center for Sustainable Landscapes. The CSL, which generates its own energy and reuses all water captured on site, is expected to be the first project anywhere to meet or exceed the world's three highest green standards.
Award presented by Orionvega
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Corporate Innovation Award
Center for Innovation in Restorative Medicine

The Center for Innovation in Restorative Medicine (CIRM) offers access to the most promising potential treatments for life-altering injuries, especially for patients who have exhausted conventional treatment options. CIRM is recognized nationwide for pioneering studies in translational medicine.
Award presented by Eaton
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Elementary Educator Award
Danielle Kephart
Divine Redeemer School

Danielle Kephart is the kind of science teacher that keeps students coming back for more! From raising trout and turtles, to manufacturing "leprechaun traps" using simple machines, Kephart transforms elementary science education into engaging, inquiry-based learning activities that set a foundation for lifelong learning.
Award presented by Chevron.
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Middle Level Educator Award
David Andrews
Butler Area School District

Andrews has led the way in Environmental Education at Butler Junior High School. Whether launching a watershed study for the Butler Area School District, or securing funding to construct the first canoe launch on the Connoquenessing Creek, Andrews is committed to helping students experience and understand the outdoors.
Award presented by Allegheny Health Network
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High School Educator Award
Dale Moll, Tim Linkenheimer
Blackhawk High School

Described as "trailblazers" in 21st century science and technology education, Moll and Linkenheimer have inspired students to look at STEM in a new way. Together, they created the Technology Student Association at the middle and high school levels to encourage students to try new STEM activities, and investigate STEM careers.
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Leadership in STEM Education Award
Michael T. Lotze, PhD
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Dr. Lotze created the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute's Summer Academy, now entering its 6th year. The Academy allows highly motivated students to be mentored in UPCI laboratories, and demonstrates outreach efforts that serve those from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds.
Award presented by Chevron
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University/Post-Secondary Educator Award
Thomas D. Eatmon, Jr.
Allegheny College

Eatmon and his students created the Food for Sustainability project to increase public understanding of sustainable systems and to promote sustainable values, attitudes, and practices. The project utilizes aquaponic systems to grow animal and vegetable products that are incorporated into Allegheny College's food services, supporting a whole-systems approach to achieving campus sustainability.
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Emerging Female Scientist Award
Peijun Zhang, PhD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Dr. Zhang has led groundbreaking research into structural biology that explores challenging biological processes and systems. Dr. Zhang's team recently described the 4-million-atom structure of the HIV capsid, the protein shell enclosing HIV-1 genome, for the first time. The structure reveals critical molecular interactions which also represent vulnerabilities in the protective coat of the viral genome that may inform future treatment and prevention options for HIV/AIDS.
Award presented by Eaton
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Environmental Award
Xu Liang, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Swanson School of Engineering

Dr. Liang's work in integrating surface water hydrology and atmospheric sciences has advanced the area of land surface modeling and made important contributions in discovering some fundamental laws that govern water and energy cycles. Her work has produced models that connect climate change and global warming at different scales in order to conduct impact studies on flooding, drought, agricultural yields, water resources, and other human-ecology interactions.
Award presented by Bayer
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University/Post-Secondary Student Award
Taylor D. Canady
Carnegie Mellon University

Taylor's research is focused on the synthesis of nucleic acid molecules that can be used to study the translation of mRNA in cells. Taylor has synthesized conjugated polyelectrolyte (CPE) - and oligo-phenylene ethynylene (OPE) - based compounds that have the ability to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) under light irradiation. In addition to exemplary research in these fields, Taylor has been active in outreach efforts that engage K-12 students by creating learning activity kits that teach students about DNA.
Award presented by Ansaldo STS USA
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Start-Up Entrepreneur Award
Don Charlton
The Resumator

Founding the company in 2009, Charlton has gone from The Resumator's sole employee to one of nearly 40 staffers working to optimize the hiring process through sophisticated software. Beyond growing the company and helping to create jobs in Pittsburgh, The Resumator's software has democratized hiring for thousands of businesses throughout the region, including many startups.
Award presented by Pittsburgh Technology Council
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Entrepreneur Award
Chris Robins

As CEO of BodyMedia, Robins developed a focused strategy to activate rapid growth in the wearable technology market and achieve huge business growth. Robins was able to leverage BodyMedia's clinical heritage, patented multi-sensor technology, and strategic partnerships to successfully expand the company's capacity and drive product awareness and sales.
Award presented by Braskem
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Information Technology Award
Ron Bianchini
Avere Systems

Avere Systems, under the leadership of Ron Bianchini, is defining a new architecture for data storage that enables customers to achieve unlimited storage performance scaling, locate storage and compute resources anywhere while cutting storage costs by more than half. Recent notable applications for the innovative technology include powering visual effects for world's largest all-digital planetarium, and for Hollywood feature films such as "Gravity".
Award presented by Pittsburgh Business Times
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Life Sciences Award
Angela Gronenborn, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Gronenborn is an internationally recognized scientist who was one of the pioneers of the development of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy for determining three-dimensional structures of biological macromolecules. Her work investigates cellular processes at the molecular and atomic levels in order to identify differences between normal and disease-associated states.
Award presented by UPMC
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Science Communicator Award
Elaine Vitone
Pitt Med magazine

Vitone is an accomplished journalist whose character-driven, long-form narratives make science and medicine accessible for the lay person. In addition to staff work for Pitt Med magazine, Vitone has launched an audio series that combines interviews, narration, music, and sound effects to complement the print publication.
Award presented by WTAE 4
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Junior Division Student Award
Dilan Gangopadhyay
PA Cyber Charter School

After participating in a Boy Scouts Medical Explorer program, Dilan Gangopadhyay became interested in finding the most viable and economically effective methods for disinfecting water. Citing the importance of potable water following natural disasters, Dilan set his experiment to include parameters that would void water of biological contaminants by using bleach, boiling, ultraviolet light, and other treatments to discover the best method of sterilization.
Award presented by Bombardier
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Intermediate Division Student Award
Kevin Chen
Fort Couch Middle School

Kevin Chen of Fort Couch Middle School focused his project on graph databases, which offer analytical solutions not achievable by traditional relational data models. Through a series of experiments that tested both graph and relational database management systems, Kevin was able to conclude that graph model theory demonstrates a much higher capacity to effectively represent and organize massive amounts of highly-connected data.
Award presented by NOVA Chemicals
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Senior Division Student Award
Rishi Mirchandani
Fox Chapel High School

Rishi Mirchandani, a Junior at Fox Chapel High, studied the impact of "demand elasticity" on the Downs-Thomson and Braess Paradoxes in consideration of a societal problem not exclusive to Pittsburgh – traffic. Using math to calculate the effects of network manipulation, Rishi's project suggests that solutions which are efficient under one demand can be wasteful under another.
Award presented by California University of Pennsylvania
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