Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Science Center's operating hours? Is Highmark SportsWorks® open at the same time?
    1. The Science Center is open from 10 am to 5 pm Sunday through Friday, and from 10 am to 7 pm on Saturdays. We are closed for Steelers home games with 1 and 4 pm kickoff times, and we may close early for others. We operate with extended hours during the holidays as well. Please check our website prior to your visit for any schedule changes. Highmark SportsWorks® is open at the same time as the rest of the Science Center unless noted otherwise.
  2. How much is general admission?
    1. General admission prices vary for adults, children, and seniors. Current pricing can be found here. Members enjoy free general admission to the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, as well as other benefits. Information on member ship can be found here.
  3. Is it true that you get a discount with an Pennsylvania Access card?
    1. Yes, you can receive a discount when you present your Pennsylvania Access card and a valid photo ID. General admission is $2 per person for the card holder and up to three other people.
  4. Do I need to buy tickets ahead of time before coming to Carnegie Science Center?
    1. No. You can buy tickets upon entering our main building and do not need to buy tickets ahead of time. Please be aware that our lines are longer during certain times, so you may want to arrive early.
  5. What is Highmark SportsWorks® ?
    1. Highmark SportsWorks® is located adjacent to the Science Center's main building and contains interactive exhibits on the physics of sports, health and fitness, and sports challenges. More information can be found here.
  6. Where can I park when I come to the Science Center? What are the costs for parking?
    1. We have three parking lots at the Science Center: one directly in front of our building, one across the street from the main parking lot, and one adjacent to Sprout Way by the Rivers Casino. A parking attendant can direct you if you need help finding the lots. Cost for parking is $5, and members enjoy discounted parking at a $3 fee.
  7. Is there a discount if I come after 3 pm?
    1. No, we do not offer a late arrival discounts, but you can take advantage of a half-off discount for your next visit when you bring your receipt. You also can visit free any time, any day of the year with a Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh membership.
  8. Can I buy tickets at Highmark SportsWorks® ?
    1. No, you cannot buy tickets in the Highmark SportsWorks® building. All ticketing is done in the Main Lobby of Carnegie Science Center, and ample directional signage is available.
  9. What does general admission mean?
    1. General admission includes Highmark SportsWorks® , roboworld, USS Requin, the rest of our four floors of hands-on exhibits, planetarium shows, and live demonstration shows. It does not include Omnimax movies or laser shows, but these can be purchased for a special $5 add-on price when you purchase general admission. Admission to USS Requin only is $5. Please visit our pricing page for current rates.
  10. Is Highmark SportsWorks® included when I come to the Science Center?
    1. Yes, it is included with general admission.
  11. How do you get to Highmark SportsWorks®?
    1. The building is bright red and is located directly adjacent to the main building. You can exit on the ground floor by Group Services or exit through the main set of automatic doors to reach paths to enter. You must show your wristband upon entering Highmark SportsWorks®.
  12. How do you get to the submarine?
    1. Go down to the ground floor via the ramps. Once you reach the bottom of the ramp, keep going straight until you reach a set of double doors on each side of you. Turn right and go outside using that set of double doors. Follow the path down and toward the Rivers Casino until you see where you can board the submarine.
  13. Highmark SportsWorks® is appropriate for what ages?
    1. Highmark SportsWorks® is appropriate for all ages, although some experiences have height and weight requirements. If you are unsure what exhibits are right for you, ask a staff member dressed in red.
  14. Are Omnimax movies or laser shows included with general admission?
    1. Omnimax movies and laser shows are not included with general admission, although each is available for an add-on price of $5 when you purchase general admission. Please visit our pricing page for current prices.
  15. Do members have to pay for Omnimax movies?
    1. Yes, members do need to pay for Omnimax movie tickets, but they do enjoy discounted prices. Please visit our pricing page for current prices.
  16. What discounts do you offer?
    1. We offer student discounts with a valid student ID, military discounts with valid military ID, discounts for those with Pennsylvania Access cards and photo ID, and other discounts throughout the year. Please visit our Special Offers & Discounts page for more info.
  17. Is there a separate price for just Highmark SportsWorks®?
    1. No. Highmark SportsWorks® is included with general admission. Those wishing to visit the exhibit must pay general admission.
  18. Can I park at the Science Center for Pirates or Steelers games?
    1. Yes, you can park at the Science Center for Pirates, Steelers, and Pitt games by paying the special event rate posted when you enter.
  19. For what ages is the Science Center geared?
    1. The Science Center has hundreds of hands-on exhibits that are geared for every age level. Whether you are a two-year-old who loves to explore on the fourth floor in Exploration Station, Jr. or a fun-loving adult who loves to learn about astronomy, we have experiences to suit every age and interest.
  20. Does my membership include entrance to Highmark SportsWorks®?
    1. Yes, it does.
  21. Is the submarine included with general admission?
    1. Yes, it is. Those wishing to board the submarine only can do so by paying a $5 walk-up fee.
  22. What are the submarine hours?
    1. Submarine hours vary depending on the time of year. Generally, in the winter months it is open on weekends only, weather permitting. During the summer, it is open daily from 10 am to around 4 pm. Please visit our website prior to your visit or ask the Ticket Counter upon entering for your day of exploration.
  23. I'm coming with my kids and do not plan on participating in any of the activities or interacting with the exhibits. Do I still have to pay for general admission?
    1. Yes, you must still pay for general admission. We cannot monitor those who are interacting with the exhibits and those who aren't. But we do encourage you to do so, because the Science Center is the perfect place to do something fun with your kids and encourage an interest in learning about the world. All of our exhibits are enjoyable, and all you need to bring is some enthusiasm and a willingness to explore.