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Important ISEF Message

Dear ISEF Applicant,

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is the world’s largest student science competition. It is an honor to be chosen to compete, and, for many, a life changing experience. But getting to go to ISEF is not easy.

The following is a step-by-step guide to competing for a place at ISEF. Your initial preparation for Covestro PRSEF will be augmented to include the following:

Many people apply to compete at ISEF, so being chosen as a candidate not automatic. The judging for ISEF is separate from the Covestro PRSEF judging. Winning a Covestro PRSEF category has no bearing on being selected for ISEF.

To be considered for ISEF, you must submit an application along with one copy of your research paper. In addition, your research paper should be emailed to PRSEF@carnegiesciencecenter.org opens in a new window. Type ISEF paper in the subject line.

Research paper
The research paper is to be limited to no more than 20 double-spaced pages, not including the cover page. If you can say everything in less than twenty pages, do it! Do not pad your paper with extraneous information. In the process of doing your research, you should have read numerous research papers from scholarly journals. Your paper should look and read like one of these. Note the format of their references.

The reason for doing the paper is to help you focus your thoughts. The judges who will be reading your paper have published, and have served as editors and reviewers for numerous scholarly books and journals. They WILL check your references. Internet citations are acceptable but they must be from reputable sources, and must be complete.

Based on the review of your paper and project boards, projects will be selected for further consideration. You will be approached all day by judges. Some of these may be ISEF judges. They will not identify themselves, and you should not ask. ISEF judges will caucus to consider all projects, and select those to go to ISEF.

Charles J. Vukotich, Jr. MS
PRESF Judge Chair
ISEF Selection Coordinator

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