• Carnegie Science Center will be open on July 26 from 9 am 4 pm.

SciTech Days

Large Program
Buhl Planetarium

March 4-7, 2014
Carnegie Science Center

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Geri Baker
School Program Manager

New! Virtual Reality for Your Health (Advanced)

A unique aspect of the Quality of Life Technology Center (QoLT) Center is its multi-disciplinary strength, which includes robotics, rehabilitation science, human computer interaction, geriatrics, social sciences, and health care policy. Through their people, QoLT is connected to some of the world’s leading health systems, and technological and clinical research facilities. Working with QoLT, the Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) does disability studies and disability advocacy.

Deepan Chandru’s research focuses as part of HERL are on Power wheelchair driving skills training for people with disabilities, specifically studying driving patterns and behaviors through driving skills assessment in real time using virtual reality. He is lead doctoral student on a team in the process of developing a training protocol to help first time power wheelchair users become safe drivers, using gaming-based technology for training.

Participants will meet Deepan, a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh, and have a chance to participate in a Q & A session.

Science and technology topics include:
IT, Project-Based Learning, and Graphics

Capacity: 140

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources Next Generation Science Standards

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