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SciTech Days

Buhl Planetarium

March 5–8, 2019
Carnegie Science Center

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New! Space News!

Grades: 6-12

Program Capacity: 150 Students 

Live demonstrations, audience participation, and planetarium visuals combine for an interactive news briefing on headline discoveries in astronomy. A series of short “news segments” will delve into hot topics ranging from planetary science to astrophysics. Explore current Solar System missions such as Mars Insight and New Horizons. Discover how scientists detect exoplanets orbiting other stars, searching for life in the universe. Learn about emerging science on black holes, dark matter and dark energy. This program features interactive demonstrations as well as immersive data visualization, as students fly through the cosmos in the planetarium.

Program Dates & Times

Middle School

Tues., March 5, 2019
10 am, 12 pm

Wed., March 6, 2019
10 am, 12 pm

High School

Thurs., March 7, 2019
10 am, 12 pm

Fri., March 8, 2019
10 am, 12 pm

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