• Neuroscience, Physics, and Your Brain
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SciTech Days

Works Theater 4th Floor

March 7-10, 2017
Carnegie Science Center

For more info:
412.237.3400, then press 7

Neuroscience, Physics, and Your Brain – You Decide Workshop 2.0

Navigate the spectrum of the mind! How do we learn about the brain? What have we learned? Discover current brain mapping basics. Explore: How have savants and injuries helped us learn about the brain? Think about the future: What kind of images are ok to be public knowledge about your brain? Does that answer differ if the images are used for a trial, your permanent record, or an employer?

Study physics and the brain by learning what the (f)MRI sees.

What kinds of careers relate to this topic? Check out resources to extend the experience.

‘You Decide’ workshops provide the opportunity for students to put into practice what they’ve learned during SciTech Days workshops. Reflecting on the workshop topic, students are asked to think about a particular issue, set priorities, make a choice, and choose an action. They’re given opportunities to process the content both as individuals and as teams. By integrating the experience with content material, the impact and relevance of this experience is magnified.

Science and technology topics include:
Anatomy, Physics, New Technologies, Neuroscience, Careers, and Project-based Learning

Program Capacity: 30

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources

Movies, Books

What an Animated Movie Gets Right About the Brain (includes trailor)

Invisible Gorilla

Spark of Genius? Awakening a Better Brain (video)

World Science Festival Brain on Trial moderated by Alan Alda

Brains on trial deciding punishment video online

What color is Tuesday? (video)

Ted Talks (video)

Ted talk Lessons (video)

Deception of Your Perceptions (video with presentation and discussion)

The Smell of Green Thunder: How Does Synesthesia Differ from Hallucination? (Oliver Sacks interview for the World Science Festival)

An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales, by Oliver Sacks

The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat, and Other Clinical Tales, by Oliver Sacks

The Future of the Mind, by Michio Kaku

The Man Who Tasted Shapes, by R. E. Cytowic

Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens: How Synesthetes Color Their Worlds, by P. L. Duffy

Wednesday Is Indigo Blue: Discovering the Brain of Synesthesia, by R. E. Cytowick (in depth)

Short, fun informative videos with paper!

Video clip - try this illusion with kiwi fruit

Do it – competition, volunteer, games, make it, lesson plan,…

Split Brain Experiments Game

Classroom yearly fee $30 for use of a dozen plus interactives: Deep Brain Stimulation, Nanoparticles & Brain Tumors

Pittsburgh Connection

Creation of PITT Brain Institute, comprising five centers of study

Good Sites

Brain Atlas

Atlas of the Human Brain including brain slicer

General Site Synesthesia

Left and right brain today

Hands-on and lesson plans around neuroscience

Why are teens oblivious to the pile of dirty clothing on the bedroom floor?

The Human Connectome Project

What people with "calendar synesthesia" reveal about how our minds deal with time

In the News

Taste the Rainbow

Creation of PITT Brain Institute, comprising five centers of study

Football Hits the Brain Hard

Nano Air Pollutants and the Brain

Best Illusions of the Year Article

Best Illusions of the Year Competition

Teens and their emotional brain

Updated brain map identifies 100 new areas, NY Times

New areas delineated in the human brain (Human Connectome Project), Nature August 2016


Bioinformatics Scientist

Science Writer


Health Educator

Medical Social Worker



Occupational Health Safety Specialist

Physics Teacher

Precision Instrument Equipment Repairer

Biological Technician

Medical Engineer

Robotics Technician

Database Administrator

Site for General Career Resources


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