• From Research to Innovation - the Journey of an Industrial Scientist
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March 6-9, 2018
Carnegie Science Center

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NEW! From Research to Innovation – the Journey of an Industrial Scientist

What can you do in research with cutting-edge materials?

Get inspired by Mike Zalich, senior development chemist at PPG. He will share his career path, which included earning a Fulbright scholarship and working in Australia for two years, and what he is up to at PPG.

Learn about how he decided to do what he does and how he got there, along with projects he has he worked on including nanotechnology and fluorescent materials and the impact his work could have on the world. Please bring your questions for a lively Q&A.

Science and technology topics include: chemistry, advanced materials, nanotechnology, & careers

Program Capacity: 140

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources

Movies, Books

Prey (book), Michael Crichton

Do it – competition, volunteer, games, make it, lesson plan

Play Decide: Nanotechnology a thought provoking group exercise

Classroom yearly fee $30 for use of a dozen plus interactives: Nanoparticles & Brain Tumors

Lessons and Games

Pittsburgh Connection


Penn State’s Center for Nano Education and Utilization

CCAC major in Nanofabrication Technology

The John Swanson Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh

Petersen Institute of Nanoscience & Engineering

NanoFab at CMU

NanoRobotics at CMU

Good Sites

The Latest and Greatest in Nano from NASA

National Nanotechnology Initiative

Nanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE) Network

Teacher resources, and more!

In the News

Privacy & Apps

Nano Air Pollutants and the Brain

Graphene Can Stop a Speeding Bullet

NASA Teams Up with the Mayo Clinic to Nail Brain Disorders Using Nanotechnology

Poetry Billboard Fights Air Pollution with Nanoparticles

Sun Clean Clothes!

Tiny Etch-a-Sketch: A simple technique can draw--and erase--wires to create denser computer memory.

Densest-ever memory system uses individual atoms to store data


Materials Scientist and Engineer  

Nanosystems Engineer 

Chemical Technician 


Chemistry Teacher

Pioneering Nanotechnologist, Naomi Halas

Careers in Nanofabrication

‘Meet’ Nanotechnology Professionals

Chemical Engineer

Nanosystems Engineer

Science Writer

Site for General Career Resources


High School
HS-ETSI-1, 2, 3, 4

Explore More Resources

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