• Feedback from Exhibitors and Visitors
  • Feedback from Exhibitors and Visitors

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SciTech Days

Middle School and High School Programs

March 6-9, 2018

Carnegie Science Center

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Feedback from Exhibitors & Visitors

Exhibitors' Feedback

"My thanks to the staff that made us feel welcome and were so helpful. We have already started to think about next year."
– U. S. Dept. of Energy, National Energy Technology Lab

"The program execution was very smooth. My hat's off to all the organizers and also the volunteers who seemed to be very dedicated. I understand the passport concept was a new addition this year and I think was a good idea."

"When the question comes up as to whether this sort of event is worthwhile, the answer is definitely 'yes!' It's good for the morale of employees... it makes you feel good about your company, it gives you a chance to interact with students and colleagues from the other research centers and share your knowledge."
– PPG Industries

"What a wonderful opportunity SciTech presented for us and what a great time we had doing it! It is absolutely amazing to me that this is a relatively new festival. You have a tremendous presence in Pittsburgh, and are making a real difference already. I hope that you continue to grow and thrive, and I hope that Sunoco Chemicals can continue to participate in that growth. I have talked to many of our booth creators and staffers...

Here are a couple of comments that stand as testimony to the great job that you all did this year:

  1. Promotion was exceptional...one goal was to "create a buzz." Well, with targeted messages to the schools as well as billboards and other advertisements to the broader community, you certainly achieved that!
  2. We were very pleased with the number of interested students that we reached. We gave away at least 1700 pencil boxes.
  3. The passport idea was terrific, especially...accompanied by a SciTech volunteer who asked the students questions to see whether they had achieved the learning objectives of the booth. That activity not only helped the students to figure out what they were supposed to "get" from the presentation, but it also helped the presenters to target specific information.
  4. You provided many opportunities for us to prepare so that we could jump in with both feet during our first year. I can't tell you enough how much we appreciated all your support via e-mail as well as the contacts that you provided. Thank you again for organizing a great event!!! It is a benefit to the whole greater Pittsburgh community, it provides a valuable opportunity for local technology-minded businesses, and it is a really good time!
– Sunoco Chemicals

Visitors' Feedback:

"The programs were at the appropriate intellectual level and informational level for high school students. The combination of programs, company-sponsored booths and the Earth Harp made a day full of interesting and stimulating activities."
– Mt. Lebanon High School Teacher

"Thank you for the wonderful day for my students and myself. I thought it was one of the best career information days I've ever attended in my 29 years of teaching."
– Shaler Area High School Teacher

"...I had brought along my mentee, a high school student, and he was quite thrilled with the whole experience. I moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area and I have to say I was quite impressed. Even the Silicon Valley doesn't have an event like this."
– C. Kapadia

"The corporate and university displays were excellent."
– Seneca Valley Intermediate High School Teacher

"The information booths set up by the various companies were very informative and educational. My students thought this was a particular strength."
– Clairton School District

"Exhibits were interactive and students could learn a lot (by doing the activities and talking to the professionals)."
– Western Beaver County School District

"...Passport program worked well."
– Moon HS

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