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SciTech Days

Buhl Planetarium

November 6, 2018
Carnegie Science Center

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Can Video Games Save Lives?

In a medical emergency, every moment counts—and decisions under pressure can have life-or-death consequences. 

Meet Dr. Deepika Mohan, Associate Professor of Critical Care Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, who is interested in how doctors make decisions for their patients. She developed the game “Night Shift,” in partnership with Schell Games, to improve physician decision-making in trauma triage. With this tool, doctors can sharpen their triage skills in a low-stakes environment, rather than in the emergency room.

 Sample the game and Dr. Mohan’s research! What variables do you think might make a difference?

Science and technology topics include:

Medicine, IT, research, critical thinking and careers

Program Capacity: 140

Program Dates & Times

Middle School
Nov. 6, 2018 – 11 am

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