• Advanced DNA & CSI
  • Advanced DNA & CSI

SciTech Days

Overlook 4th Floor

March 1-4, 2016
Carnegie Science Center

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Advanced DNA & CSI

DNA evidence has revolutionized our ability to prosecute and exonerate crime suspects, often with life and death consequences. Students explore this intersection of biotechnology and criminal law in depth as they:

  • Learn the structure and function of DNA.
  • Investigate the basics of DNA fingerprinting by performing electrophoresis.
  • Test the limitations of eye witness testimony vs. DNA evidence.
  • Explore the Innocence Project.
  • Break into small groups to decide which convicted criminals deserve a second look, a second chance... and why?

Presented by the University of Pittsburgh Department of Biological Sciences Outreach Program.

Students interested in an in-depth exploration of the application of DNA evidence in CSI.

Science and technology topics include:
Biology, Chemistry, Information Technology, Careers, Critical Thinking and Law

Program Capacity: 30

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources Standards

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