• CSI Workshop: CAPER - The Science of the Heist
  • Carnegie Science Center and The Rangos Giant Cinema
    will open at noon on Sun., May 5

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SciTech Days

ColCom Foundation Wet Lab PPG Pavilion ground floor

November 6-9, 2018
Carnegie Science Center

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CSI Workshop:

The Art & Science of the Heist! 3.0

This Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) workshop combines art and science through the story of an art theft. Students take on the role of crime-scene investigators and analyze pigments (Chemistry demos have been added, as this will take place in our new Colcon Foundation Wet Lab!), explore physics and math in the use of security lasers, engage in a computer facial recognition activity, and learn about careers as part of this adventure.

Science and technology topics include: chemistry, information technology, forensics, art, critical thinking & careers

Capacity: 30

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources Standards

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