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SciTech Days

Science Stage

March 5–8, 2019
Carnegie Science Center

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CRISPR – the promise and some of the questions

Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, or CRISPR is a cool and a powerful tool. This breakthrough technology now allows us to modify or edit genes with ease and precision. Trials of this new genetic engineering technology are already underway seeking to eradicate various debilitating genetic diseases.

What does this mean for us individually and globally? How does it work?

Join Eden McQueen, a PhD student in the Department of Biology at the University of Pittsburgh who has worked with CRISPR in the lab.

Please bring your questions for Q & A.

Science and Technology topics include:

  • Biology
  • Genetic engineering
  • Medicine

Grades: 9-12

Program Capacity: 300 Students

Program Dates & Times

High School

Thurs., March 7, 2019
11 am

Fri., March 8, 2019
11 am

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