SciTech Days

Works Theater

March 4-7, 2014
Carnegie Science Center

For more info:
Geri Baker
School Program Manager

CMU Robotics Workshop

Experiment with Educational Robots which offer new sensors, a larger memory, and programmable remote controls.

Learn computer programming using ROBOTC, a C-based programming language developed by Carnegie Mellon University for educational purposes.

Students will program an actual robot to perform a task.

Presenter: National Robotics Consortium, Carnegie Mellon University

Science and technology topics include:
Engineering, Mathematics, Robotics, and Technological Literacy

Capacity: 24

Program Dates & Times

Middle School
March 4, 2014 – 10 am, 11 am*, 12 noon*, 1 pm
March 5, 2014 – 10 am, 11 am, 12 noon, 1 pm

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