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SciTech Days

Middle School and High School Programs

March 7-10, 2017

Carnegie Science Center

For more info:
412.237.3400, then press 7

Career Discovery Trek

Career Discovery Trek will be part of SciTech Days for students who choose to participate. Details follow.


  • Scavify is a free mobile scavenger hunt app that allows students (ages 13 and older*) to answer questions, take photos, and engage with material and activities.
  • Students explore STEM careers in greater detail engaging with SciTech Days exhibits throughout the building by completing tasks that give them direction and also allow for personal reflection.
  • Students earn points for each task they complete and can track their progress.
  • Teachers can submit an application to receive 3 hours of ACT 48 Credit.
  • Lime green tables on each floor will hold instructions and materials for working the Career Discovery Trek including whiteboards and markers to write messages/draw pictures that can then be photographed and included as answers to the trek questions.


  • All students have to do is download the free app. After that, they just have to find our scavenger hunt by entering its name “Career Discovery Trek.”
  • Encourage students not only to bring their smartphones to SciTech Days but also to download the app in advance.
  • Students can share a cell phone and each do their own ‘Trek’.
  • Students pick what exhibits to visit to answer their trek questions.

Some sample questions:

  1. Learn about a career from the Carnegie STEM Girls exhibit. Write down the career and snap a photo. Hint: There are writing stations with green tablecloths on each floor.
  2. Find and scan the QR code at the FedEx booth.
  3. Find a college that interests you and take a selfie at the school’s table.
  4. What is your favorite career/exhibit on the 2nd floor? Take a picture of what you like best about it.
  5. Find an environmental exhibit and take a photo of someone at the exhibit, somehow indicating what their job is. Hint: There are writing stations with green tablecloths on each floor.

How to Download

  • Students can download the app one of two ways
  • They can search for it in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)
  • If they have a QR code reader they can simply scan the QR codes on this pdf.

More information?

  • In advance of your visit – call or email Geri Baker (412.237.1552, bakerg@carnegiesciencecenter.org)
  • During SciTech – visit the SciTech information booth in the Main lobby


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