• App Design Workshop
  • We will be closed all day on Aug. 25 for the Steelers Game.
    We will close at 4 pm on Aug. 30 for the Steelers Game.

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SciTech Days

Surma Family Discovery Lab 3rd Floor

March 6-9, 2018
Carnegie Science Center

For more info:
412.237.3400, then press 7

App Design Workshop

Get a dose of what goes into writing a mobile app.

Discover just how much programming, math, and imagination go into creating an app for everyday use.

Learn some coding and write and edit a simple app.

Pre-req for workshop: familiarity with the keyboard/typing

Science and technology topics include:
information technology, coding, math & careers

Program Capacity: 28

Program Dates & Times Classroom Resources

Movies, Books

Video (5:43) with Steve Jobs and more! Learning Code - Jobs Open...and this is the closest you'll get to being a magician! make money, save the world - coding makes it all possible.

App Making Reality TV Show

Do it – competition, volunteer, games, make it, lesson plan

Mobile App Planning Curriculum

App Lab

Creative Computing (Digital Corps Remake Learning)

Mobile Media including games

National STEM Videogame Challenge

Learn to Code - high school level

Intro to Virtual Reality (VR) and apps at Google, Scroll down to make your own VR viewer

Pittsburgh Connection

Schell Games

Entertainment Technology Center

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

California University of Pennsylvania’s Southpointe Center for Innovation

2-year programs at Pittsburgh Technical College

Good Sites

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit that encourages girls to explore computer science.

5 Sites for Anyone Interested in Making Games

Resources – platforms

Autism Apps

In the News

Surgeon Says Apps May Turn Organ Donation Support Into 'Concrete Action'

Medical Apps – good to know!

Privacy & Apps


Careers In Video Games Are “Pretty Awesome” (Interview/Video Clip)

Video Game Tester Career – “Greatest Job On the Planet” (Interview/Video Clip)

Animator Jobs – Odd Todd Talks Freelance Animation Careers (Interview/Video Clip)

Computer Programmer

Software Engineer

Multimedia Artist or Animator

Electrical Engineering Technician

Site for General Career Resources


Explore More Resources

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