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These lesson plans offer great ways to introduce students to the technologies and concepts presented in roboworld™ are innovate ways to incorporate robotics into your classroom.

These lesson plans mostly use readily available materials, and some are entirely computer-based. Feel free to download the lesson plans for use in your classroom, and be sure to look at all of the lesson plans - many of the activities are highly adaptable for students in other grades.

Lessons by Grade
Lesson Plan Info

Grades K-3
Recycle Robot
Robot Sprite
Sticker Robots
Robot Ads

Grades 4-6
Count the Dots
Making Faces
What's Hidden Inside
Robot Sprite

Grades 7-9
Build a Robot Arm
Robot Sprite
Sketching Gadget
I Want to Hold Your Hand

Grades 10-12
Lever Action
Robot Sprite
Rover Races
Wiry Robots

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