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StarKick Foosbot StarKick Foosbot

You've played a computer game before, but have you ever played foosball against a robot? Now is your chance! Visit roboworldtm, and challenge this unique robot for the title of Foosball Champion.

Originally developed in 2001 by the University of Freiburg in Germany, the StarKick Foosbot was further developed by the University of Freiburg in partnership with the Espelkamp Gauselmann Group of Germany and is now on loan to Carnegie Science Center for five years from Gauselmann.

As an example of the marriage of sensing, thinking, and acting, with insights into sensor interpretation, autonomous systems, and machine learning, the Foosbot is a tough opponent that uses robotic technology to its advantage. This is one fast robot, but how does it know where the ball is? StarKick sees the playing field via a camera and, depending on the current game situation, controls the foosball game rods. The sensor system is used to track the ball. Three hundred infrared lights illuminate the base of the field, and a camera mounted below the field follows the infrared reflections from the ball. Sophisticated software receives the camera data, determines the location, direction, and speed of the ball, and decides which players should be moved to pass, shoot, or block. The Foosbot is quick on its feet - it can track the ball and determine its next move 50 times each second!

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