Summer Camps

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2/10/2014 to 2/16/2014

Camp Registration for Members Only

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2/17/2014 to 8/16/2014

Camp Registration

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8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Mon - Fri

Ages 6-7 Half Day Camps

Cost: $110 members / $125 non-members per session.
Please check the website often. As camps fill up, additional sessions may be added.

Morning session: 9 am – noon (am)
Afternoon session: 1 – 4 pm (pm)

Insect Investigators

June 15 – 19 (pm) 
Get an up-close look at a bug's life! Learn about the life cycles of these amazing critters and find out how creepy crawlers eat, sleep, and play.

Junior Space Explorers

June 15 – 19 (am)
July 13 – 17 (pm)
Discover the world beyond our home planet. Travel to Mars and then learn about black holes, comets, and supernovas. It's cosmic!

Trains, Trains, Trains!

July 6 – 10 (am)
Do you know what 'kingpin', 'highball', or 'frog' means? Learn about the world of a railroad engineer! Explore our Miniature Railroad & Village® and the scientific principles that make it work.

We Can Build It!

July 6 – 10 (pm)
July 27 – 31 (am)
Here's your chance to build structures big and small. Join your fellow engineers as you construct bridges and skyscrapers. Create a model city and learn about the amazing feats of engineering.

NEW! Mission Possible

July 13 – 17 (am)
July 27 – 31 (pm)
Join us for a week of spy-themed science. Create your own secret alias and build gadgets to help you succeed in your mission. Conduct experiments to detect poisonous substances and decipher top secret codes. Adventure and intrigue lurk behind every corner.

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