• Full Day Camps for Ages 6-7
  • Full Day Camps for Ages 6-7
  • Miniature Railroad reopens Nov. 15.
    Closed all day on Oct. 28 for the Steelers Game.

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Summer Camps

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Ages 6-7 Full Day Camps


Members can register by calling 412.237.3400 beginning Monday, Feb. 5. Registration via the website will be available to Members and non-Members beginning Monday, Feb. 12. To register via the website, click the “buy” button next to your desired camps (available Feb. 12).

Cost: $240 members / $270 non-members per session.
(Camps with field trips or extra supplies subject to additional costs as listed in camp descriptions.)

Full-day camps run from 9 am – 4 pm
Campers must bring a bagged lunch

* No camp on July 4. Reduced price for four-day camp: $190 members / $220 non-members.

NOTE: Waiting list status can be requested if a program is full. No deposit is necessary to hold a place on the list. Parents/guardians will be notified by phone if space becomes available.

Please check the website often. As camps fill up, additional sessions may be added.

New! Toy Factory

Have you ever wondered how your favorite toys work? Uncover the science behind classics like spinning tops, balancing birds, and wind-up cars, and then become a toy engineer as you create your own!

Introduction to Programming

Combine creativity, math, and computer skills in this weeklong introduction to programming. Build up your skills through a variety of games, robots, and apps, and then put them to the test as you use Scratch to make interactive animations.

Camp Odd Squad

Are you adventurous, love kooky creatures, and enjoy solving odd crimes? Then PBS Kids' Odd Squad agents need your help! Become an honorary Odd Squad agent for the week using math and basic computer science to solve bizarre mysteries and thwart weird enemies. This camp is provided in partnership with the Fred Rogers Company.

I'm Biology

Become a doctor-in-training for the week as you learn about the inner workings of the human body. Test your senses and reflexes, follow the path of the digestive system, and map your circulatory system.

Camp Magic School Bus

Hop aboard the Magic School Bus and take a fantastic voyage through the world of science! Explore everything from the ocean floor to the far reaches of space. Shrink down and travel through the circulatory system, and ride on a river of lava. It will be a trip you won't forget!

New! Motors and Mechanisms

$250 Member/$280 Non-Member (Includes special visit to The Art of the Brick traveling exhibition)

Have fun building with blocks as you design, build, and program a variety of motorized machines with LEGO® WeDo 2.0 kits. Create contraptions that drive, pull, grab, and more, all while learning basic engineering and computer coding skills!

Jr. Wizard

Is it magic or is it science? Become a real-life wizard when you make objects shrink and expand, change color, and even disappear! Examine the genetics of mythical creatures, make potions, and try your hand at transfiguration.

Gadgets and Gears

Discover the thousands of ways we use simple machines in our everyday lives. Construct a working pulley to lift a heavy load and experiment with levers, then tinker with wheels and axels and design a car to race down an inclined plane.

New! Around the World

Embark on a journey around the world in just 5 days. From the seven continents to the four oceans, discover different biomes, and the plants and animals that are adapted to live in each. Explore weather and climate, investigate natural landforms, and find your place on the map!

Superhero Science

Go behind the mask and investigate the science of superheroes! Discover the physics of flight and super-strength, and harness invisible forces such as electricity and magnetism. Create a secret identity and design your own cape and gadgets!

Engineering Challenge

Do you have what it takes to be an engineer? Find out as you tackle a series of trials designed to test your skills. Build the tallest towers, strongest bridges, and the fastest airplanes. Bring your problem- solving skills and creativity to this week-long Engineering Challenge!

New! Scientist for a Day

Do you have a desire to study the stars? Or a passion for the ocean? Step into the role of a different scientist each day and discover what they do. Identify minerals as a geologist, experiment with the elements as a chemist, and forecast weather as a meteorologist!

New! Test It!

Grab your safety goggles and join us for a week of scientific experimentation. Answer all of the burning questions you have about the world as you test the powers the sun, observe chemical changes, and predict how far a projectile will travel.

Be A Roboticist

What makes a robot different from other machines? Discover how they sense, think, and act as you get hands on with a fun variety of educational robots. Program a robot with color, race through a maze, and explore endless possibilities with Cubelets™.

Nature Nuts

Are you nuts about nature? Discover the abundance of creatures and natural features right outside your door in this week of fun. Get up close with plants and animals as you learn what makes up an ecosystem and what it takes to survive out there.

Far Out Space

Travel through space as we explore our vast solar system. Explore the planet we call home, our moon, and the rest of the planets. Investigate how astronauts live and work in outer space, then blast off to visit distant stars and galaxies.

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