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21+ Night Perk!

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21+ Night

6 – 10 pm

All those who have ever wanted to enjoy Carnegie Science Center without having to elbow 8-year-olds out of the way for a chance to compete against the Air Hockeybot or launch a rocket into the air, will not want to miss 21+ Night at Carnegie Science Center.

For the special event price of just $10 if purchased by noon the day of the event ($15 if purchased later), adults ages 21 and up will have access to all four floors of exhibits, including SpacePlace, SeaScape, roboworld, the Earthquake Café, the weather station, and scientific demos. There will be a cash bar, and snacks will be available for purchase.

Cost: Just $10 in advance, $15 day of event.
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Highmark Sportsworks® and the USS Requin Submarine will not be open for the evening.


Mark Your Calendars!

You won't want to miss these upcoming events!

21+ Sci-Fi

April 25, 2014

Come discover Science Fiction turned fact at 21+ SciFi! Learn about the origins of Science Fiction starting with Mary Shelly's Frankenstein in our Works Theater show, Frankenscience. Get your photo taken with a Stormtrooper from Garison Carida, part of the 501st Legion, the world's definitive imperial Star Wars costuming organization. Not a fan of the dark side? Find members of the Rebel Legion's Echo Base. Like your SciFi a little closer to home? Join members of the Steel City Ghostbusters for a photo.

Enjoy live music from Uke Skywalker & Tuba Fett with the Stormtrouper Dancers in the Robot Lounge.

21+ The Science of Making (with TechShop)

May 16, 2014

Join us as we partner with TechShop to celebrate the Science of Making on May 16. Witness making in its many forms, as TechShop members exhibit everything from giant bubble machines to sacred geometry jewelry!

Walk through each level of making and learn more about the wellspring of innovation, creating new products and value in our city. Sparks will fly in the Works Theater as we fire up our foundry to cast aluminum and get a chance to watch TechShop demonstrate an oxy-acetylene torch. We'll also be cooking with chemistry in our Kitchen Theater where Science Center presenters will be making (and you can sample) liquid nitrogen ice cream!

Plus you can participate in hands-on workshops for an added charge.

Making LED Light kits (Soldering & Electronics)
$25 - 3rd Floor Overlook

Come learn how to solder with TechShop's Persistence of Vision Kit. You will create a cool LED light kit that will magically write words when you wave it in the air! This POV kit "tricks" your eyes into seeing a full image when only part of the image is visible at one time. Impress your friends with your new electronics skills!

Making T-Shirts (Silkscreening)
$25 - 4th Floor Overlook

Come hang out with CommonWealth Press and see the tricks of the trade. You'll learn the art of screen printing by making your own Science Center/TechShop 21+ Night t-shirt with the help of the awesome guys and gals from CommonWealth Press.

Buy a drink from the bar, enjoy live music, and check out other maker related activities on all floors.

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