• Great white shark swimming with diver
  • Closed all day Dec. 4, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1.


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Great White Shark

Misrepresented, maligned, and misunderstood, the great white shark is an iconic predator: the creature we love to fear. Great White Shark explores this beautiful animal’s place in our imaginations, in our fears, and in the reality of its role at the top of the oceanic food chain. Great whites pre-date the dinosaurs in evolutionary history, and have evolved to regulate their body temperature and give birth to live pups, much like mammals: yet we fail to look on them with the warmth we might afford land-based carnivores such as lions, tigers and bears.

Shot on location in South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, and California, the film aims to reveal the strength and beauty of these animals by looking through the eyes of experts who have been touched by their shark encounters.

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