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Live Shows

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Show Schedule


Take a journey through the human body with stops at the intestines, taste buds, and brain, in a fun science lab atmosphere. Live demonstrations explore nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, physical fitness, anatomy, and medical technology. Touch a five-pound block of "fat," see MRI images, and taste healthy edible science. All shows are geared to the Next Generation Science Standards, enjoyable for all ages, and delivered in 30 minutes or less!

Planning to visit us? Check out today's show schedule.

Shows are available for group bookings Monday through Friday. Add a show for just $2 per person!

Talk with us about which shows are available on your selected date. Register early for best selection!

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Move it, Move it!

Jump out of your seat and touch your feet! Explore how physical activity can help your body do great things!

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Early Learners, Physical Science, Astronomy
Grades: PreK & Kindergarten
Capacity: 30 Students

Taste the Rainbow

Join us in an adventure full of colorful fruits and vegetables as we explore how families can make healthy food options a part of their daily routine. Early learners will participate in cleaning, classification by color, and identifying edible parts of vegetables and fruits.

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Early Learners, Health & Nutrition, Botany, Environment
Grades: PreK & Kindergarten

Capacity: 30 Students
Food Code: Gluten and dairy free!

Download our Kale Chips Recipe. opens in a new window

Tasteful Tidbits

Savor the flavor of science. Gear-up your taste buds as we experience how we taste the world around us. Understand taste perception and how different things can alter taste.

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Biology, Health & Nutrition, Physical Education                          
Grades: 3-5
Capacity: 75 Students

Sounds Like Science

Can you hear that? It sounds like science! Learn the anatomy and science of how we hear the world around us. That’s music to our ears!

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Biology, Health & Nutrition, Physical Science
Grade Level: 3-4, 5
Capacity: 80 Students

It’s Alimentary, Watson

Solve the mystery of what happens to food as it journeys through the human body through the alimentary canal (gastrointestinal tract). Students will understand how food is converted into energy and used by all parts of the body's systems.

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Health & Nutrition, Physical Education, Biology
Grades: 4-8
Capacity: 75 Students

Brain Power

Unravel the mystery of our ever-changing brain.  Challenge your brain to different types of stimuli.  Trigger the impulses of neurons and receptors as we explore the main processor of our body.

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Biology, Health & Nutrition
Grade Level: 4-8
Capacity: 80 Students

Say Cheese!

Learn the history of cheese from the cow to our table. Cheese is a wonderful teaching tool for children, combining chemical reaction and practical results! At the end, students sample our stretched mozzarella cheese. It's whey cool!

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Chemistry, Health & Nutrition, Botany
Grades: 5–8
Capacity: 75 Students
Food Code: Gluten free! *Contains dairy.

Download our 30 Minute Mozzarella Cheese Recipe. opens in a new window

Scanning, Scopes, and Surgery

Explore the options doctors have in examining the body and how they can use the latest technologies to help diagnose a patient's condition. During the show, students will see examples of scanners and scopes in action, before taking a look at the skills of surgery through a frog dissection.

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Biology, Anatomy, Medical Technology
Grades: 9-12
Capacity: 75 Students

Science Goes Viral

Join our mission from Asia to Pittsburgh. We’ve successfully treated the population, but someone is infected! Help us solve the problem as we learn how to protect and defend our bodies and use mapping data sets to see how disease spreads.

Sponsored By: Allegheny Health Network & Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

For Teachers:

Content Themes: Biology, Epidemiology, Health & Nutrition
Grade Level: 7-8, 9-12
Capacity: 80 Students

Library Shows

These fan (and staff!) favorites are offered sporadically throughout the year and are not generally available for group booking.

Fruit Flambé

Enjoy edible solutions as we flame various fruits and explore the chemistry of fire. Learn the three components of fire and the nature of its chemical reaction, then delve into mixture vs. solution chemistry. The fiery finish has some lip-smacking results!

Download our Fruit Flambé Recipe. opens in a new window

Science in a Scoop

Explore the chemistry of ice cream as our science chefs make tasty custard and cool it down with liquid nitrogen.

Download our Creamy Custard Recipe. opens in a new window

Download our Shake the Bag Recipe. opens in a new window

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