Coming Soon: SpacePlace

Opens Nov. 16, 2012

What would it be like to be an astronaut? Here's your chance to find out!

Zero-G Climbers

How does weightlessness feel? Strap into climbing gear and experience this 21-foot 'zero' gravity climbing wall! 'Astronauts-in-training' will ascend the module to complete a simple task without gravity to provide leverage.

Micro-G Simulator

Complete tasks similar to those used in real-life astronaut training!

International Space Station Modules

Explore sections of a two-story, walk-in replica of the International Space Station. Students will conduct simulated hands-on experiments and learn about life in space.

Living & Working in Space Wall

Discover artifacts, space images, mission patches, and even a flight suit! Learn about the future of space exploration and potential careers. The 'Ask the Astronaut' interactive will allow students to choose questions and get answers from NASA astronauts.

Rocket Launch and Parachute Drop

Design a rocket and let it launch! Drop payload parachutes safely to the ground.

Zeiss Projector

See the Zeiss Model II Star Projector, used from 1939–1991 at the original Buhl Planetarium.