Kitchen Theater Shows – Science you can eat!

In the Kitchen Theater, you'll learn about the science of food and cooking in a fun 1950s atmosphere. Live demonstrations—part cooking class, part science lab—take you through the biology, chemistry, and physics that combine to make your favorite foods. From emulsified sauces to fiery fruit, the Kitchen Theater delivers edible science in 30 minutes or less!

Programs made possible with support from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh and the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh.


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Fruit Flambé

Enjoy edible solutions as we flame various fruits and explore the chemistry of fire. Learn the three components of fire and the nature of its chemical reaction, then delve into mixture vs. solution chemistry. The fiery finish has some lip-smacking results!

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Plant Pop!

Can our pop-can lid withstand the pressure of our fizzy soda? We'll prove that carbon dioxide takes up more room as a gas than as a solid. Learn about the process of sublimation and the difference between density and volume, with a serving of botany on the side.

Science in a Scoop

Explore the chemistry of ice cream as our science chefs make tasty custard and cool it down with liquid nitrogen.

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Taste the Rainbow

Join us in an adventure full of colorful fruits and vegetables as we explore how families can make healthy food options a part of their daily routine. Early learners will participate in cleaning, classifying by color, and identifying edible parts of fruits and vegetables.