Highmark SportsWorks®

Pittsburgh. Many would agree that there isn't a bigger sports town around, and Pittsburghers nurture their young to embrace that proud legacy. But did you know that a passion for sports can be used as a gateway to talk about the topics of physics, anatomy, biology, and even chemistry?

That's the whole idea behind Carnegie Science Center's Highmark SportsWorks®: to inspire learning and curiosity by uniting the experience of sports for every age level with the laws of science that control sports.

Highmark SportsWorks® offers nearly 30 interactive experiences in three thematic areas: LifeWorks, Physics of Sports, and Sports Challenge.

LifeWorks conveys the fundamental science of, and latest information on, the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Choose from different snacks and compare how long it takes to burn off the calories of each while pedaling a hand cycle at Calorie Cycle. Peer inside the human body using X-ray, CT, and MRI scans with innovative touch-screen technology in the BodyScan exhibit.
  • Go on a wild simulator ride into the human body with Body Cam, where you will explore cutting-edge surgical techniques.

In Physics of Sports, visitors put their inner daredevil to the test.

  • Become a human yo-yo at the new You-Yo, an exhibit that demonstrates the principle of potential and kinetic energy by whisking visitors high in the air, up and back down—and then up again by pulling on cable-tethered handles.
  • Scale a 25-foot Rock Wall.
  • Get fastened into a bungee harness and do some high-flying tricks on Bounce.
  • Pedal a unicycle high above the exhibit gallery on High Cycle.

Sports Challenge gives visitors a chance to be part of the game.

  • Compare your time against that of Olympic silver medalist and local track star Lauryn Williams in Olympic Sprint.
  • Test your reaction speed against an ice hockey goalie at Reaction Time Hockey.
  • See just how fast your fastball is in a Pitching Cage with radar.
  • Adjust your center of gravity to 'hang ten' on Skateboard Stability.