• Highmark SportsWorks – Physics of Sports
  • Closed Tuesdays through March 31.
    USS Requin is closed through March 1.

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Highmark SportsWorks®

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Physics of Sports

These full-body, ‘life-size’ sports interactive exhibits teach the basic science and technology of sports-balance, trajectory, center of gravity, momentum, transfer of energy, and more. Read about these exciting exhibits, then come and try them out for yourself!

Ropes Challenge– Defy gravity as you navigate obstacles, “walk the plank,” and then zoom down a zipline in this awesome new exhibit that challenges your sense of balance, and your enjoyment of heights!

*Note: Shoes with closed toes and closed backs are required to enjoy the Ropes Challenge

SkyTykes Ropes Course– Smaller visitors will enjoy this ropes course just for them, for adventures a little closer to the ground!

*Note: Shoes with closed toes and closed backs are required to enjoy the SkyTykes Ropes Course

Rock Wall – Work your upper body (and apply a little 3-point geometry!) as you scale a 25-foot Rock Wall.

Sponsored by WISH Radio.

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*Note: Shoes with closed toes and closed backs are required to enjoy the Rock Wall.

You-Yo – Become a human yo-yo on this 25-foot-high arch with a three-foot flywheel mounted at the top. Whisk yourself high in the air and soar with the help of kinetic energy. Wouldn’t you like to become a yo-yo?

*Note: Socks are required to enjoy the You-Yo

Go for a Spin! – Experience rotational physics first-hand as you vary your body position to control your speed on a spinning platform and relate it to ice skating or gymnastic skills.

Big Hockey – Test your reaction time and motor skills as you play on the world’s largest ‘bubble hockey’ table.

Sponsored by Highmark.

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