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  • Highmark SportsWorks - Physics of Sports

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Physics of Sports

These full-body, 'life-size' sports interactive exhibits teach the basic science and technology of sports-balance, trajectory, center of gravity, momentum, transfer of energy, and more. Read about these exciting exhibits, then come and try them out for yourself!

You-Yo – Become a human yo-yo on this 25-foot-high arch with a three-foot flywheel mounted at the top. Whisk yourself high in the air and soar with the help of kinetic energy. Wouldn't you like to become a yo-yo?

Go for a Spin! – Experience rotational physics first-hand as you vary your body position to control your speed on a spinning platform and relate it to ice skating or gymnastic skills.

Bounce! – Launch yourself 20 feet in the air on a bungee-harnessed trampoline. Put physics to work as you flip, twist, and spin.

Big Hockey – Test your reaction time and motor skills as you play on the world's largest 'bubble hockey' table.

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Hoops Vision – Try your hand at making baskets—but when looking through optical goggles that flip your world upside-down!

High Cycle – Ride a counter-balanced unicycle across a beam 15 feet in the air!

Coaster Physics – Go for a spin (literally!) in a full-motion, 360-degree flight simulator that takes you on 8 coaster rides including Kennywood Park's beloved "Phantom" roller coaster.

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