• Highmark SportsWorks - Educator Resources
  • Highmark SportsWorks - Educator Resources
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Highmark SportsWorks®

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Educator Resources

Highmark SportsWorks® provides the perfect opportunity to use kids' love of sports as a gateway to talk about the foundational science concepts related to sports, physical activity, and health.

Tons of scientific discoveries await within Highmark SportsWorks®. Students will learn about physics as they actually experience potential and kinetic energy, reinforce the importance of exercise, read about what a calorie is and see how long it takes to burn off what they eat, see how they fare in a series of sports challenges, explore the cutting-edge of surgical techniques, and more-as they interact with nearly 30 hands-on exhibits all about science and sports.

Highmark SportsWorks® was designed to support Pennsylvania's Academic Standards for schools in the areas of 'Science and Technology' and 'Health'.

Physics of Sports


Sports Challenge

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