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H2Oh! why our rivers matter

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Fluid Dynamics

The Environment & Conservation

Explore the impact of humans on their environment, and it on them, and the importance of conserving this resource. Exhibits include:

  • Real-Time Data Monitor – Real-time data from river monitoring systems show the temperatures, pH, and water level from local rivers.

    Sponsored by:
    PA American Water Logo
  • Topographical Map – Where does rain go when it falls? Find your neighborhood on our map and learn how rain flows into watersheds.

    Sponsored by:
    Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority
  • Hydroelectricity – Learn about this important form of renewable energy.
  • Dirty Drinking Display – A potable fountain appears to get its water from a clear tank of debris-filled water, reminding visitors what happens to water from source to tap.
  • Water Chandelier – Observe floating gallon, quart, and pint-sized cans representing the various reservoirs of water on Earth, reminding guests that freshwater is not a limitless resource.
  • Rooftop Infrared Camera – Rooftop infrared cameras capture river surface temperatures.

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