Exploration Station Jr.

Are you bringing little scientists? Exploration Station Jr. is just for children ages 3–6. Young explorers can...

  • Splash the water table
  • Working the ball factory
  • Build a structure in the construction zone
  • Take a break in the Quiet Spot

Me and My Big Mouth!

Good dental hygiene starts even before the first teeth are in. Carnegie Science Center is helping teach parents to involve their toddlers in dental care, with support from GSK.

Jumbo Toothbrush Photo Op
Check out the floor graphic and 6-foot toothbrush! Families can snap a fun memento of their visit to the gallery, with their toddler dwarfed by the giant brush.

Baby Teeth
A series of graphics and mirrors (set at heights coordinated with the physical height of the child at the appropriate age) allows parents and children to see the development of their teeth and what is still to come – or go!

X-Ray Lightbox
Children can swap out x-rays of teeth and jaws at varying ages to see the development of their mouths over time.

Brushing Practice
A jumbo set of teeth and a foot-long toothbrush give toddlers a chance to 'brush up' on their dental hygiene skills as they follow along to a simple tune timed for the proper amount of brushing.

Tooth Stools
Giant teeth that are just the right height to sit on give parents and children a chance to rest a while, and provide another fun photo op.

Climb into a real submarine
Love animals? There's a wealth of life in SeaScape!