• Carnegie Science Center will be closed on Dec. 21, 25, and 28.


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Themed Weekends

Our big BLUE! summer features three blue-themed weekends:

Deep Blue Sea Weekend
June 14 – 15

Explore the ocean from coral reefs to the ocean floor. Get a guided tour of the JOIDES Resolution deep-sea ocean research vessel at sea without ever leaving Pittsburgh. Sift for shark teeth, craft a bioluminescent jellyfish puppet, befriend a shark mascot and meet a penguin! Learn more

Blue Moon Weekend
July 19 – 20

Science fiction? Or fact? Celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing by exploring the connections between scientific advances and the limitless human imagination. Learn about current space travel, including going back to the moon, and how it differs from what we see on the big screen. Witness how Hollywood make-up can turn a regular human into an otherworldly alien. Learn more

Blueprints Weekend
August 9 – 10

Discover: What is a cantilever? Why are arches so strong? Explore architecture and engineering while building bridges, towers, and more. Learn how scale models are made and used in architecture and how buildings can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes. Witness incredible kinetic art that demolishes itself before your eyes with the Kinetic King. Learn more

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