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  • BLUE! - STEM Careers


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STEM Careers

When children express their natural curiosity through play, they strengthen their scientific thinking and problem-solving skills. By encouraging this desire to learn, you are preparing your child to be a leader in tomorrow's STEM fields and industries. This exhibit will help your child explore these STEM concepts:

  • Science – When they leave this exhibit, kids will know much more about building with large blocks than they did an hour ago. Like scientists, they have gained new knowledge through research!
  • Technology – Humans use tools, such as the light tables, to do their jobs and achieve their goals. While your child is building, you can also use your cell phone as a tool to help record his or her process by taking pictures for him or her to see.
  • Engineering – Designing bridges and arches that hold weight, towers that stay standing, and ramps to carry objects from place to place are challenging tasks that inventive engineers face every day!
  • Math – When children build with blocks, they are noticing each block's length, width, shape, and weight, and then making a decision about which block will work best for their purpose.

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