Bayer Science Stage

Explore scientific topics in a big way with a Science Stage demonstration! Perfect for big groups!

Science Stage demonstrations are available only for groups with reservations.

To schedule a visit for your group, call 412.237.3410.

Undersea Alive!

Take the plunge into our sea-sational fashion show to learn about the unique adaptations of underwater organisms. Become a seahorse or a deadly jellyfish to learn how these animals protect themselves from predators.

Grades 1–6
Capacity: 300

What's That Sound?

Explore the science of sound, from animals to musical instruments! Early learners are led in rhythm and song as they learn to predict whether an object will make a deep boom or a high-pitched squeak based on its size and shape.

Grades Pre-K–1
Capacity: 50

Wheel of Science

Spin the Wheel of Science to take flight, conduct a symphony, explore animal adaptations, investigate the laws of motion, decode the secrets of DNA, and see how a cell phone works. Come on stage and choose your own adventure!

Grades 1–8
Capacity: 300