• High School Workshop Days
  • High School Workshop Days
  • High School Workshop Days
  • Carnegie Science Center is closed on Nov. 26.

Themed Field Trips

High School Innovation Workshop Days

Choose two cutting-edge workshops, tailor-made for high school students:

  • 3D Printing & Design
  • Brave New World: Decisions at the Nanoscale
  • Start from Scratch
  • eTextiles
  • Today's Medical Technologies

Enjoy a Career Connections brownbag lunch. Bring your own lunch, and chat with graduate students about exploring careers with University of Pittsburgh PhD students in the Department of Bioengineering, which has six tracks in bioengineering: cellular and organ engineering, biomechanics, biosignals and imaging, physiology and biophysics, neural engineering, and medical product engineering. They will discuss their amazing research and career path choices. Bring your own questions!

Event Dates:
There are no upcoming scheduled dates at this time.

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