• Students at Energy Summit
  • Students at Energy Summit
  • Students at Energy Summit
  • Closing at 4 pm on Aug. 12 and 18; closed Aug. 20 until 1 pm.

Themed Field Trips

Student Energy Summit

Oct. 8 - 9, 2015

Middle and high school students will explore the science of energy, including renewable and non-renewable energy sources, with a range of hands-on activities and interactions with local energy experts. Students will consider the challenges and opportunities of using various types of fuel alternatives to power cars to travel across the United States, while considering factors such as production capacity, consumer buy-in, environmental concerns, and costs.

This Student Energy Summit is designed to bring together students and educators to investigate the multi-faceted issue of energy options for this region, and to participate in a dialogue about current energy issues pertinent to their own lives and their community.

The Student Energy Summit includes the following exciting features:

  • Introduction to Energy – Students engage in an interactive demonstration theater program
  • Career Café – Students engage in a speed networking style interaction with regional energy professionals to learn about career options in the energy sector
  • Hands-on Activities – Students explore the science behind the featured fuels
  • A Mock Road Trip – Students work in groups to assess and compare the featured fuels and report their findings to a larger group

Pre- and post-visit classroom activities and resources

Generously supported by Chevron

October 8, 2015: Middle School Summit

October 9, 2015: High School Summit

Limited capacity, first-come, first-served.

Reserve your spot today! Call 412.237.3400, then press 7.

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