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Comp Sci Creativity Challenge

Friday, April 6, 2018

5–10 pm

Grades 9­–12

Cost: $10

Teens, guided by Carnegie Mellon University computer science students, will challenge themselves to think like computers while cracking codes, solving logic puzzles and doing other fun computer science-focused activities.
Tasks include:

  • Decoding hieroglyphics in a scenario set in ancient Egypt.
  • Using binary code to solve and create messages for a secret crime-fighting agency.
  • Figuring out the answers to riddles that have pictures as clues.

Participants will register as individuals and form teams of three to five teens on site. Members of the top-scoring teams will win Amazon gift cards. Both beginners and teens who have prior experience with computer science are welcome. Dinner is provided.

To register, call 412‑237‑3400