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They'll make new friends, practice social skills, and interact with teachers as they learn more about various age-appropriate science topics.

Capacity: 30 students
Time required: 45 minutes
Fee: $120 for each presentation.

Wiggly Worms
Open your eyes to the world of worms through literature and observing live composting worms.

Creepy Crawly
Investigate insect parts and behavior through song and dance, and make bug antennae to take home.

My Body
Build a skeleton, and learn about your skin and blood.

New! Rah, Rah, Recycling
Help a fishy friend clean up his river home, then create an earth-friendly project to keep!

Pop, Pop, Popcorn!
Discover how corn looks, feels, and tastes. Then take a corn seed home to grow.

Air Power
Test your own lung power, feel the wind, and create a windsock.

Sea Life!
Learn about sea creatures, shells, and hermit crabs as you practice sorting skills.

Experience how animals communicate in nature using touch, sound, and smell.

Bubble Science
Explore the nature of bubbles with amazing bubble blowers.

Hello Robo!
What is a robot and what does it do? Learn as you interact with some robots in action!
This program sponsored in part by Spark, a program of the Sprout Fund.


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