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Science on the Road

Assembly Programs
Assembly Programs

Preschool Assembly Programs

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Our 30-minute assembly programs can accommodate up to 200 students per showing. Topics include air and wind, and bugs.

Fee: $375 for the first program; $175 for each repeat program.

Up in the Air

Content themes: Properties of matter, Force and Motion, Weather and Climate

How do we know the air is there? Is anything lighter than air? Investigate these questions and be blown away by our amazing air and wind devices.

Amazing Bugs

Content themes: Common Characteristics of Life, Life Cycles, Form and Function

Find out how far a grasshopper can hop, how butterflies get their wings, and more incredible insect insights!

Note: For a hands-on program with live bugs, try one of our Preschool Scientist programs: Creepy Crawly or Wiggly Worms.