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Capacity: 250 students
Time required: 45-60 minutes
Fee: $475, includes set-up and one presentation
$225 for each additional presentation

Our shows are customized for the appropriate grade level and are aligned with national and Pennsylvania academic standards and anchors to help support your educational goals. We request that you do not book one of our programs for more than three consecutive grades at a time. To let your whole school in on the fun, book an All-Day Adventure or a multiple assemblies package.

Captain Green's Time Machine
Content themes: Conservation, Ecology, Climate Change, Regional Science
This program is green like you've never seen! Join Captain Green and go on a riveting quest to save the environment. Travel to ecosystems around the globe as you learn about the science of climate change in rain forests, oceans, and polar ice caps through demonstrations of fiery methane bubbles and colorful dry ice chemistry. Explore renewable energy technology with an ethanol fire car and a windy demonstration of lift, and take control of "Spaceship Earth" as you race against time to create a sustainable future! For grades 1–8.

Captain Green's Time Machine WQED ON-Q Program

Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry
Content themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Regional Science
Discover the hidden treasures of chemistry in this action-packed adventure! Team up with "Ion" Jones and real PPG scientists on a global quest to collect the elements. Unleash a Mentos Geyser in the Bubblin' Badlands, test your materials science mettle in the Dunes of Silica, and ignite the Mountain of Fire. By the time your students reach the castle, they will have observed chemistry in action—from catalysts to combustion! For grades 1–8.

Fractured Physics
Content themes: Motion, Engineering, States of Matter, Light, Regional Science
Don't move an inch, because we're bringing some high impact science to you! Fractured Physics will take your students deep into Newton's Second Law (hint: that's the one about momentum) by demonstrating the amazing properties of glass. Journey to a top-secret laboratory to see how glass is made, what makes it strong, and how it is adapted for car windshields, airplane glass, fiber-optic communications, and more. Brace your students for an action-packed assembly that includes standing on light bulbs, meeting real scientists involved in cutting-edge glass research, and more! For grades 1–8.

Great Color Caper
Content themes: Light, Chemistry, Engineering, Regional Science
Oh no! Someone has stolen the colors from the city of Spectropolis...and we need your help to restore color to the city! In Great Color Caper, your students will help solve the mystery of the missing colors as they learn about the nature of light and how colors are derived from light and pigments, sight, and perception. Join local scientists from PPG Industries in this interactive multimedia demonstration on the scientific principles behind color and light. For grades 1–8.

All-Day Adventures
Keep the excitement going for hours with our All-Day Adventures! Reinforce the science concepts related to your chosen assembly with hands-on activities that students will love. Our staff will be at your site for a full day. We can do All-Day Adventures for up to 480 students per day, two hours per class. $850, all inclusive!

What You'll Need:

  • Two separate spaces, one for the assembly and one for the Adventure Stations.
  • 15–20 adult volunteers or high school students.

(Your Carnegie Science Center presenter will conduct a training workshop for volunteers
45 minutes before the first scheduled group.)



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