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The explosive action in our science assembly programs includes creative props, audience participation, fun-filled demonstrations, and live experiments. Because we tailor each show to the audience's learning level, we request that you do not book one of our programs for more than three consecutive grades at a time. Repeat presentations of a show can be geared to different age levels at no additional cost. To let your whole school in on the action, consider Multiple Assembly Packages.

Capacity:  250 students
Time required: 45 minutes
Fee: $375, includes set-up and one presentation
$175 for each repeat presentation

Our shows are customized for the appropriate grade level and are aligned with national and Pennsylvania academic standards and anchors to help support your educational goals. We request that you do not book one of our programs for more than three consecutive grades at a time. To let your whole school in on the fun, book an All-Day Adventure or a multiple assemblies package.

New! Light Fantastic
Content themes: Chemistry, Light
In this program, vibrant demonstrations illuminate the physics of light and lasers. Explore the chemistry and biology of color in an interactive show themed to the Periodic Table of Elements. For grades K–8.
Funded by II-VI Foundation

Butler County Schools: Thanks to II-VI Foundation, we can bring Light Fantastic to you FREE! Call 412.237.3374 to learn more.

Fire and Ice
Content themes: Energy, States of Matter
What happens when things get really hot or really cold? Get your students excited about the states of matter with this collection of exciting and explosive visual demonstrations.
They’ll learn about combustion and the fire triangle, then see what happens to gases and solids at 320° below zero in liquid nitrogen! For grades K–8.

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Fasten Your Seatbelts
Content themes: Motion, Energy, Engineering, Technology, History of Science & Technology
Come along for the ride! Science demonstrations transport you across land, in the air, and into space! We'll really heat things up when we show you how a steam engine works and demonstrate combustion! Learn about automotive safety, see how transportation technologies have changed over time, and imagine what might be coming next. For grades K–6.

Wild Weather Adventure
Content themes: Weather
This multi-player, life-sized board game brings the weather indoors! Explore tornadoes, air pressure, lightning, and other weather phenomena. Test your knowledge about the air around you as we pit one team against another for a highly interactive weather adventure. For grades K–8.

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New! Home Makeover: Green Edition
Content themes: Environment, Conservation, Energy, Electricity
It's easy being green with our interactive game show! Be the next contestant to take part in hair-raising demonstrations of electricity. Then fi nd out where the energy we use every day really comes from. Plus, learn how energy-efficient choices you make at home can benefit our planet. For grades K–8.

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Space Encounters
Content themes: Solar System, Stars & Galaxies, Space Exploration
Blast off with us into interplanetary space to experience comets, vacuums, life aboard the International Space Station, and walking on the Moon. For grades K–6.

Good Vibrations
Content themes: Sound, Technology
Tune your ears into this exciting sound show! Learn how sound is produced using five-foot-long wind instruments, and become a human percussion ensemble. Discover the properties of sound, and get involved in making some noise yourself. See how sound can move objects, and learn about the newest technologies! For grades K–8.

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Just collect Shop 'n Save receipts. Call 412.237.3374 for more information.

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