• Middle School Assembly Programs
  • Closed all day on Sun., Dec. 1 for the Steelers Game.
    Carnegie Science Center closed Tuesdays through Dec. 24.

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Kids in assembly program
Assembly Programs

Elementary School kids in assembly program
Elementary School Assembly Programs

Middle School Assembly Programs

These dynamic 45-minute programs can accommodate up to 250 students per presentation.

Fee: $475 for the first program; $225 for any repeat programs.

Add a Hands-On Experience! For just $900, up to 480 students will not only see the assembly program of your choice, but will also participate in 45 minutes of adventure stations, filled with eligible content themed with the show.

SEED logo Get a Free Show! The Shop 'n Save® SEED program will bring any program listed to your school at no cost to you. Shop 'n Save has now made it even easier to earn your S.E.E.D assemblies. Simply go online and designate your school to receive the points you earn when you shop! No more collecting paper receipts! Call 412.237.3400 for more info. Learn More...

SEED icon NEW - Who Wants to Be an Engineer: Imagine it. Make it. Make it Better!

Content themes: Engineering and Iteration, Digital Design and Fabrication, Forces and Interaction, Materials Science

Grades K-8 Engineers are hard at work making life better. Now it’s your turn to be the engineer in this high-energy game show experience. Ramp up for “Double Dare”–inspired physical engineering challenges. Tinker with simple machines to build soaring towers and suspension bridges.

Produced in partnership with Arconic Foundation.


SEED icon Chem-Mystery Files: Trial by Fire

Content themes: Properties of matter, energy, chemical reactions

Grades K-8 join Detective Sam Silica on the hunt for clues in a burning mystery and see how evidence “reacts” to scientific tests. Live demonstrations highlight phases of matter, physical and chemical change, properties of elements, and combustion. Help Silica analyze the results to successfully close another case in the Chem-Mystery Files.

SEED icon Science Takes Flight: From Blueprints to Blue Skies

Content themes: physics, materials science, engineering, regional science

Your future is cleared for takeoff! Learn how innovative aircraft fly off the drawing board and into the sky and you take a spin on our hovercraft and feel the fiery roar of propulsion chemistry.

Produced in partnership with PPG

PPG logo

SEED icon Journey Through The Human Body: An Anatomy Adventure

Content themes: anatomy and physiology, medical technology, health and fitness

Take a fantastic voyage through the bloodstream to learn about human body systems and discover innovations in medicine, from cryogenics to lasers!

Produced in partnership with Allegheny Health Network

Allegheny Health Network logo

SEED icon Grand Slam Science

Content themes: physics, biology, materials science, mathematics

Batter up! Discover the science behind America’s favorite pastime as you find a bat’s “sweet spot,” measure reaction time, predict a ball’s trajectory, then slide into home for a fireworks finish that’s sure to be a blast!

This show was developed in partnership with Chevron and Pirates Charities

Grand Slam Science logo

SEED icon SolarQuest: Living With Our Star

Content themes: astronomy, physics, technology, environmental science

Embark on a quest to learn about the Sun. See yourself in infrared, explore photosynthesis with balloon-popping lasers, and watch as exploding hydrogen and fire tornadoes take you to the surface of the Sun! Read more...

SolarQuest: Living with Our Star in partnership with NASA

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