Best Value Science Experiences

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Our Best Value Science Experiences feature an assembly, plus adventure stations! Our dynamic science shows are jam-packed with spectacular science, awe-inspiring demos, and hands-on activities that students will love—and that reinforce classroom concepts!

Each participating class will experience an assembly, plus adventure stations, during two one-hour time slots. Our staff will be at your site for a full day and can accommodate up to 480 students per day.

For grades 1-8
Capacity: 480 students
Fee: $850

What you'll need:

Two breaks during the school day: One hour for the assembly and 45 minutes for the adventure stations.

12-15 adult volunteers, high school students, or a combination of both. (Your Science Center presenter will conduct a training workshop for volunteers 45 minutes before the first scheduled group.)

Rockin' Robots: World Tour

Content themes: Robotics, Engineering, Technology, Regional Science

Juice your circuits, spin your gyros, and groove to the binary beat! Meet Quasi the Robot, a childlike animatronic robot who dreams of adventure, and help him design and deploy a heroic band of 'bots to help humanity! Interact with real robotic technology as you take the World Tour. By the end of the show, Quasi will have explored land, sea, and space on his journey to become a rockin' robot! Read more...

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Special thanks to Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation and C.W. Benedum Foundation

Captain Green's Time Machine

Content themes: Conservation, Ecology, Climate Change

Join Captain Green on a quest to save the environment. Travel to ecosystems around the globe as you learn about the science of climate change in rain forests, oceans, and polar ice caps through demonstrations of fiery methane bubbles and colorful dry ice chemistry. Explore renewable energy technology with an ethanol fire car and a windy demonstration of lift. Take control of "Spaceship Earth" as you race against time to create a sustainable future! Read more...

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Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry

Content themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Regional Science

Discover the hidden treasures of chemistry in this action-packed adventure! Team up with “Ion” Jones and real PPG scientists on a global quest to collect the elements. Unleash a Mentos Geyser in the Bubblin' Badlands, test your materials science mettle in the Dunes of Silica, and ignite the Mountain of Fire. By the time your students reach the castle, they will have observed chemistry in action—from catalysts to combustion! Read more...

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NEW! Colossal Fossil Fuels

Content themes: Geology, Energy, Paleontology, Regional Science

It's an epic energy adventure millions of years in the making! Journey through time in search of coal, oil, and natural gas. Travel to Prehistoric Park, roar with ancient animals, and discover the plants or plankton that became fossil fuels. At Geology Junction, use sound and electricity to locate underground fuel deposits. At Rockbuster Rig, extract natural gas from the region's Marcellus Shale formation. Watch the video...

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Special thanks to Carnegie Museum of Natural History

PPG Grants Available

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Don't have all day? Try an hour-long version of any of these programs!
Time required: 45–60 minutes
Grades: 1–8
Fee: $475 includes set-up and one presentation

If you're short on time or space, try one of these as a stand-alone assembly show. Turn one of our best value science experiences into a program that works with your schedule and budget. These programs come with lots of great bells and whistles, just like our best value programs. These short assemblies will make a huge impact on your students! Our shows are customized for the appropriate grade level and are aligned with national and Pennsylvania academic standards and anchors to help support your educational goals. We request that you do not book one of our programs for more than three consecutive grades at a time.