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The dynamic action in our science assembly programs includes audience participation, fun-filled demonstrations, and live experiments with creative props.

Capacity: 250 students
Time required: 45 minutes
Fee: Prices below include set-up and one presentation; $175 for each repeat presentation.

NEW! Grand Slam Science

Fee: $475

Batter up! Discover the science behind America's favorite pastime, from the physics behind your favorite pitches to the science of the perfect swing. Step up to the plate for exciting demonstrations that will leave your students ahead of the curve! Find a bat's "sweet spot," measure reaction time, or predict a ball's trajectory. Our science scoreboard features the Pittsburgh Pirates, slow motion footage, and animations illustrating the physiology of the human body and the aerodynamics of a baseball in flight. You'll be "rootin' for Newton" through nine interactive "innings" of physics fun. Round the bases with a legendary line up of live demonstrations, then slide into home for a fireworks finish that's sure to be a blast!

This show was developed in partnership with Chevron and Pirates Charities

NEW! Anatomy Adventure

Fee: $475

Anatomy Academy wants YOU! Our "cranium commander" will train your brain as you participate in exciting live demonstrations about health and the human body.

Take a fantastic voyage the bloodstream to learn about human body systems through the "eyes" of a miniature robotic probe. On this Body Trek, explore the workings of internal organs through live demonstrations. Discover the science behind your gut reactions. Explore the heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, skeletal muscles, eyes and brain. Meet local medical experts and discover innovations in medicine, from cryogenics to lasers. Learn how positive food and fitness choices help to build a better body from the inside out! All Systems Go!

Produced in partnership with:

NEW! SolarQuest

Fee: $475

Content themes: Astronomy, Physics, Technology, Environmental Science

This theater-style assembly show will employs large-scale props, costumes, banners, stunning visual imagery, and live physics and chemistry demonstrations, as well as audience participation, to immerse students in a futuristic journey through the Solar System.

A 10-minute, full-dome digital planetarium show – a "fly-through" of the Sun/Earth environment – is incorporated through the use of a portable digital planetarium system.

Ten hands-on learning stations – including tabletop explorations for individual students, as well as small groups – reinforce and further develop the scientific concepts related to heliophysics and the Solar Dynamic Observatory that are introduced in the assembly show. Grades K-8. Read more...

 Wild By Design: Innovations from A to Zoo

Fee: $475

Content themes: Zoology, Physics, Engineering, Regional Science

We don't often think of physics when heading to the zoo. If you want to make something better, faster, or stronger, chances are you'll find the answer in nature. Meet our giant inflatable humpback whale, Gracie, who demonstrates how the physics of flippers are inspiring new wind turbines and test a "gravity-defying" slow motion slinky to study the trunk of our giant inflatable elephant, Zuri! Local zookeepers, chemists, and robot designers join in the conversation – and some real zoo animals make their on-screen debut. Read more...

Produced in partnership with PPG

Special thanks to Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

 Forces, Matter, and Motion!

Fee: $375

Content Themes: Physical Science, Human Endeavors

From bowling balls to Einstein's gravity wells, experience the forces that keep you in your chairs, as well as the planets and stars in their orbits! Take part in high impact demonstrations of Newton's Laws as this show smashes, crashes, and blasts you on a tour of universal forces and ever-changing forms of energy. For grades K-8

 Take a Hike: Backyard Biodiversity

Fee: $375

Content Themes: Biodiversity, Technology, Regional Science

Become a field biologist on a global trek through woodlands, waterways, and even clouds! Sensors, sounds, and satellites help you track and map wildlife. Discover amazing animal adaptations on your high-tech adventure. Team up with local conservationists and learn how to be a "Habitat Hero" in your own backyard! For grades K-6

Sponsored by:
Spring, a program of The Sprout Fund

Captain Green's Time Machine

Fee: $475

Content themes: Conservation, Ecology, Climate Change

Join Captain Green on a quest to save the environment. Travel to ecosystems around the globe as you learn about the science of climate change in rain forests, oceans, and polar ice caps through demonstrations of fiery methane bubbles and colorful dry ice chemistry. Explore renewable energy technology with an ethanol fire car and a windy demonstration of lift. Take control of "Spaceship Earth" as you race against time to create a sustainable future! Read more...

Produced in partnership with PPG

Ion Jones and the Lost Castle of Chemistry

Fee: $475

Content themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Regional Science

Discover the hidden treasures of chemistry in this action-packed adventure! Team up with "Ion" Jones and real PPG scientists on a global quest to collect the elements. Unleash a Mentos Geyser in the Bubblin' Badlands, test your materials science mettle in the Dunes of Silica, and ignite the Mountain of Fire. By the time your students reach the castle, they will have observed chemistry in action?from catalysts to combustion! Read more...

Produced in partnership with PPG

 Colossal Fossil Fuels

Fee: $475

Content themes: Geology, Energy, Paleontology, Regional Science

It's an epic energy adventure millions of years in the making! Journey through time in search of coal, oil, and natural gas. Travel to Prehistoric Park, roar with ancient animals, and discover the plants or plankton that became fossil fuels. At Geology Junction, use sound and electricity to locate underground fuel deposits. At Rockbuster Rig, extract natural gas from the region's Marcellus Shale formation.

Produced in partnership with

 Rockin' Robots: World Tour

Fee: $475

Content themes: Robotics, Engineering, Technology, Regional Science

Juice your circuits, spin your gyros, and groove to the binary beat! Meet Quasi the Robot, a childlike animatronic robot who dreams of adventure, and help him design and deploy a heroic band of 'bots to help humanity! Interact with real robotic technology as you take the World Tour. By the end of the show, Quasi will have explored land, sea, and space on his journey to become a rockin' robot! Read more...

Produced in partnership with

Special thanks to Katherine Mabis McKenna Foundation and C.W. Benedum Foundation

Fire and Ice

Fee: $375

For grades K-8
Content themes: Energy, States of Matter

Students learn about combustion and the fire triangle, then see what happens when objects are frozen at 320? below zero in liquid nitrogen.

Sponsored by:

Light Fantastic

Fee: $375

For grades K-8
Content themes: Chemistry, Light

In this program, vibrant demonstrations illuminate the chemistry of light and lasers. Explore the chemistry of color in an interactive show themed to the Periodic Table of Elements.

Sponsored by:

 Amazing Bugs

For grades K–4
Content themes: Biology, Human Endeavors, Environmental Science, Ecosystems

Bugs are among the most diverse living things on the planet, but how much do you really know about them? Can you tell an insect from an arachnid? (Hint: count the legs!) Join us to explore the nature of these helpful, sometimes harmful, always amazing bugs!

Developed in partnership with Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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