• SkyWatch will take place this evening.
    Carnegie Science Center will open at noon.
    USS Requin closed for the winter.

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Science on the Road

Classroom Days

Air Power

Pre-visit Activity:

Take students outside on a day when the wind is blowing. Have them sit down in a circle in the grass to experience the wind using their five senses. Ask the following questions:

How does the wind feel?
How does the wind look?
How does the wind taste?
How does the wind smell?
How does the wind sound?

Return to the classroom. Give each student a sheet of paper and ask them to draw one thing about the wind that they experienced through their senses.

Several days before our visit, put some wind socks outside the classroom window and set out some magazines and books on sailing and the force of air. Allow students to observe the wind socks and discuss their observations. Emphasize that wind cannot be seen; only its effects are visible.

Post-visit Activity:

Ask students to share all of the "wind words" they can think of - words that would tell about the wind. List several idioms that use wind in the phrase (for example, "run like the wind", "knocked the wind out of my sails", "the wind beneath my wings"). Ask students to draw a picture to show what one of those mean to them.

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