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Capacity:  25 students
Fee: $600 per module
$100 per presentation
Each topic includes six hour-long modules.
Level 1 is designed for grades K?2.
Level 2 is for grades 3?6.

You can schedule your sessions during the course of a day, week, or month, or choose a variety of topics to complement your program all year long.

Biological Brainstorm
Content themes: Animals, Brain, Human Body

Did you ever wonder how your brain interprets optical illusions? Or how animals use their senses in ways most humans can?t? Explore the living world around you with eye-opening activities that will test your awareness and perceptions.

Cool Chemistry
Content themes: Chemistry, Experimentation

From kitchen concoctions to glow-in-the-dark science, take a close-up look at chemistry. Strengthen your scientific method skills in a series of safe, hands-on chemistry experiments.

Art and Science
Content theme: Experimentation

If you love creating things, this program is for you! Make a take-home science craft each week that demonstrates a scientific principle and stretches your creativity.

Science Grab Bag
Content theme: Experimentation

Immerse yourself in a variety of hands-on science activities, from magnetism to mystery solving and much more.

Science Career Explorations
Content themes: Careers in Science, Experimentation

Have you ever thought it would be cool to be a chemist or awesome to be an archaeologist? Explore a different field of science in these ?on-the-job? activities and experiments.

Journey into Space
Content themes: Earth, Solar System, Stars & Galaxies, Experimentation

Learn about the Earth, our Solar System, black holes, and living in space through astronomically-fun hands-on activities.

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