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Science on the Road

After-School Science

Children love our hands-on activities! Parents and teachers love our minds-on science content! Customize to fit your need. Choose an hour, half day, weekly, or a six-week session from these topics any time of year:

Capacity: 25 students
Fee: $125/hour
Discounted pricing for full week or 6-week bookings

Bio Brainstorm

Content themes: Animals, Brain, Human Body, Life Science
Specify K-2 or Grades 3-5

Cool Chemistry

Content themes: Chemistry, States of Matter, Experimentation
Specify K-2 or Grades 3-5

Journey into Space

Content themes: Solar System, Stars & Galaxies, Earth, Flight
Specify K-2 or Grades 3-5

Grab Bag Science

Content themes: Magnetism, Engineering, Electricity, Experimentation
Specify K-2 or Grades 3-5

Insect Investigators

Content themes: Animals, Habitats, Life Science
Specify PreK-1 or Grades 2-4

Wizardry Wows!

Content themes: States of Matter, Chemistry, Experimentation
Grades 1-4

Build-It Better!

Content themes: Engineering, Motion, Energy, Experimentation
Grades 1-4

Robots vs. Humans

Content themes: Technology, Robotics
Grades 4-6

Slam Dunk Physics

Content themes: Energy, Motion, Forces, Experimentation
Grades 4-6

Junior Scientist

Content themes: Careers in Science, Expermentation
Specify K-2 or Grades 3-5

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